Journalist Claims She Identified the 2016 DAO Hacker, Evidence Shows Investigators 'De-Mixed' Wasabi Transactions

A bit of writing printed by journalist Laura Shin, and research stemming from the blockchain surveillance agency Chainalysis, claims to call the alleged identification of The DAO hacker who drained millions of bucks price of ethereum from the decentralized self sustaining organization on June 17, 2016. Shin’s and Chainalysis’s findings accuse the extinct Tenx CEO, Toby Hoenisch, of being on the again of the $60 million hack that noticed the loss of three.6 million ether, which is now price near $10 billion the consume of on the present time’s change rates.

Uncovering the 2016 Genesis DAO Hack

In the summertime of 2016, there had been two necessary hacks that anxious the cryptocurrency community — The DAO hack and the Bitfinex breach. Following the sizzling apprehension of the couple who allegedly possessed the stolen Bitfinex BTC, journalist Laura Shin has printed contemporary findings on The DAO hacker and he or she claims to dangle identified the particular person on the again of the infamous hack. The DAO, moreover known as the Genesis DAO became once a decentralized self sustaining organization that managed to develop $150 million in ethereum (ETH).


With the e-newsletter of my e book on the present time, I will ultimately exclaim: at some point of writing my e book, my sources and I factor in we uncovered the identification of the Ethereum’s 2016 DAO hacker.

— Laura Shin (@laurashin) February 22, 2022

Nonetheless, on June 17, 2016, an particular particular person came across a worm in the code that allowed the particular person to drain funds from the organization’s stash. In a matter of hours, the hacker drained 3,600,000 ether price roughly $60 million, and the consume of on the present time’s change rates the 3.6 million ether is price $9.3 billion.

The Genesis DAO hack now not handiest wreaked havoc on the price of ethereum (ETH), it moreover precipitated a divide at some point of the Ethereum community and ultimately precipitated the chain to split. Now greater than five years later, Shin’s e book called “The Cryptopians” claims to dangle came across the identification of the hacker.

“We name the monstrous hacker — he denies it — by following an advanced scurry of crypto transactions and the consume of a beforehand undisclosed privateness-cracking forensics instrument,” Shin’s Forbes report concerning the particular person’s alleged identification.

The Forbes article implies that Shin leveraged a “well-known and beforehand secret forensics instrument from crypto tracing agency Chainalysis” in define to again train the mystery. The findings discuss a blockchain transaction that allegedly derived from the extinct Tenx CEO Toby Hoenisch.

When Shin and her visitors approached Hoenisch, he denied the claims fully and stressed out: “Your commentary and conclusion is factually inaccurate.” No matter Hoenisch’s denial, Shin integrated the memoir in her e book and did an whisper on the investigation as neatly. “Since Hoenisch won’t refer to me, I will handiest speculate about his likely motives,” Shin said.

The Forbes journalist continued:

Support in 2016 he identified technical vulnerabilities in The DAO early and could perchance dangle determined to strike after concluding his warnings weren’t being taken significantly ample by the creators of The DAO.

Chainalysis Discovers DAO Attacker Despatched 50 BTC to a Wasabi Pockets, Shin Claims Transactions Receive been “De-Mixed” by the Blockchain Intelligence Agency

Shin’s article has moreover vastly surprised the community as she reports that Chainalysis came across the attacker despatched 50 BTC to a Wasabi wallet. Wasabi is a privateness wallet and Shin claims that the Coinjoin wallet’s transactions had been “de-blended” by Chainalysis, “the consume of a potential that is being disclosed here for the first time,” she added.

“In a final, important step, an employee at one among the exchanges confirmed to 1 among my sources that the funds had been swapped for privateness coin Grin and withdrawn to a Grin node called (Attributable to change privateness insurance policies, in most cases this vogue of buyer data would now not be disclosed),” Shin wrote. The journalist added:

The IP cope with for that node moreover hosted Bitcoin Lightning nodes:,, and heaps others., and became once constant for over a Twelve months; it became once now not a VPN. It became once hosted on Amazon Singapore. Lightning explorer 1ML showed a node at that IP called Tenx.

As mentioned above, Toby Hoenisch denied the accusations, after Shin despatched him a doc that described her evidence. She wrote that he said he would give more well-known aspects however never spoke back after the initial e mail. “As neatly as, after receiving the first doc detailing the info I’d gathered, he deleted as regards to all his Twitter history (although I’ve saved the connected tweets),” Shin adds. In the period in-between, many crypto supporters are discussing the underlying aspects of Shin’s memoir which component the blockchain surveillance programs.

The privateness-centric bitcoin wallet Samourai criticized Wasabi over the wallet’s mixing draw after Shin’s article printed. “It wants to be *now not skillfor an particular particular person to mix a pre-mix coin with a submit-mix coin,” Samourai tweeted on Tuesday. “This scenario is now not skill on account of the architecture of each JoinMarket and Whirlpool. Why is it likely in Wasabi?” As neatly as to the commentary, Samourai linked a tweet from July 2019, which describes the alleged discipline.

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